Information on CD's and DVD's

DME is your specialist one stop CD and DVD Short run company. We can also supply you with CD and DVD pressing solutions

We offer a choice with our pressed CDs and DVDs of having them manufactured within Australia or with our offshore replication factories. This choice we leave completely to you based on your turnaround and pricing requirements.

DME co-ordinates your project from beginning to end, including design, pre-press, CD content, manufacturing, printing and packaging, at all times keeping you up to date with the progress of your order.

Our industry professionals offer on hand advice to guarantee your CD and/or DVD is correct first time. Our pre-press - short run experience is second to none and we can make sure everything is accurate before production, we provide several opportunities to approve work throughout this process.

DME offers unsurpassed quality and security. All our replication suppliers must meet strict quality guidelines, ensuring that the product you receive is of the same class as those of the major record labels and software companies.

It has been our experience that our customers wish to achieve an outstanding product with a pricing edge. DME tailors solutions using standard types of CD packaging, including plastic jewel cases, DVD cases, wallets, and sleeves to produce a finished result that meets these demands.

Using standard CD/DVD packaging saves you time through guaranteed availability and returns pricing benefits through reduced setup costs. The use of innovative print and clever variations ensures your product will remain unique.

We also realise that some people wish to differentiate their product exclusively from others. With this in mind we also offer a choice of specialised packaging including CD mailers, presentation folders, retail packaging and customised cases or packaging.

We view each packaging solution as unique to the customer and we recommend speaking to one of our expert staff for advice on the best packaging solution for you. We know you will be pleasantly surprised at the choices available.