What editing can you provide?

We can change track sequence, clean up gaps between tracks and adjust volume levels. We always ensure the finished product complies fully with RED BOOK STANDARD. Any editing performed will be at additional cost.


How do I supply my source audio material?

You can supply Cassette Tape or a CD. If a cassette tape is supplied you must indicate what noise reduction is used (Dolby B or C). Supply of source material on other than Audio CD, requires additional time and charges


What mastering is included?

We create a CD master however we do not provide audio sweetening such as EQ, compression, effects etc. We have a number of companies that we can recommend.


How do I provide my artwork?

All artwork should be provided as per our specifications see Artwork Information and Template Downloads. If we are creating your artwork we require a clean colour photograph or 35mm colour negative or positive (slide). Text should where possible be supplied on CD or DVD.


How long will it take to produce my CD's/DVD's?

From time of artwork and CD/DVD master approval most jobs can be completed in 2 days unless it is a CD/DVD pressing which will require approximately 8 to 21 working days.


How can I improve my photographs?

Most photo's that will be suitable have been processed at a reputable photo lab. The biggest problem with photo's is the subject matter which includes a poor background or an aspect ratio that will not translate from 6 inch x 4 inch to a 120mm square required for a CD cover. To improve this we suggest that the main subject matter (people etc) will form a square area in the view finder of the camera (the unwanted side area can be cropped digitally later).


If I am providing my own artwork what quality do I need?

We require all artwork supplied on CD or DVD at a minimum image size of 300dpi @100% size CMYK no embeded profiles.


"What guarantee of quality do we have...?"

State-of-the-art duplication systems are used at all times. Diskette and DVD Duplication equipment continually checks the disk for bit placement and signal amplitude. CD-R/DVD-R. Replication is performed on commercial duplicating systems to ensure continually high quality copies, which are compliant to appropriate Standards.This ensures that the recorded signal is always of a high quality